Our Services

Just because something is possible, does not mean that it is right for your business. Just because something is complex, does not mean that it should be difficult to understand. Our advice is straight forward, clear and robust.

Our services range from low cost informal advice on the kinds of IP (for example, patents, trademarks, designs) that may be protectable, through to obtaining, exploiting, enforcing and defending/attacking IP rights. We also have a wealth of experience in counselling our overseas clients on the nuances of European practice to help streamline their European IP portfolios.

Our Approach

Clients tell us that our approach is refreshing and typically leads to cost and time savings. In particular, we can routinely work on-site, rather than doing everything remotely over the phone or by e-mail. That approach helps us, and you, to work more efficiently and leads to better drafted applications, better argued submissions to Patent Offices and better informed clients. All of that can provide cost savings.

In addition, we can provide all the back-office and support functions required to manage your portfolio. This provides you with not just trusted advisors, but also your own complete in-house intellectual property department.

Please do not hesitate to call for a cost-free initial consultation.

Patent Protection

We draft, file and prosecute patent applications worldwide. Whether it is a UK-only patent application for a single product, or protection via a European or an International patent application(s), we can recommend and implement the most effective filing strategy for your needs.

We have extensive experience handling small and large IP portfolios for domestic UK clients and overseas clients. If you are an overseas client, then you will benefit from our extensive experience of UK and European patent prosecution. We have in-depth knowledge of educating our overseas clients on making their patent applications more UK- and European-friendly, which means fewer objections and lower costs for your business.

On the patents side, we service clients in the following technical areas: Biotechnology, Chemistry, Electronics, IT & Software, Life Sciences, Mechanical Devices and Physics.

Invention Spotting/Intellectual Property Harvesting

We can identify inventions and other intellectual property in your business so they can be protected if desired. We regularly do this by visits, meetings, correspondence or whatever mode best suits your needs.

Registered Designs

Whether it is a product, a part, a package or any other item, we can advise on design registration. We can save costs with multiple products in a single registration, or multiple countries in a single application. Whatever your needs, we can plan and execute the most efficient strategy for you.

Trade Marks and Branding

Branding and sourcing of goods is increasingly important in today's fiercely competitive marketplace. We can help generate and register trade marks. We can help to navigate the different forms of protection for brands such as at the border between trade marks, designs and copyright.

Patent Box

The "Patent Box" is a taxation scheme introduced by HMRC which enables companies to apply a lower rate of Corporation Tax to profits earned after 1 April 2013 from their patented inventions and certain other innovations. The relief is phased in from 1 April 2013 with the lower rate of Corporation Tax to be applied to profits attributable to exploiting patented inventions paying a corporation tax of 10 per cent from April 2017. The scheme is set to close to new entrants on 30 June 2016, with an alternative, significantly less advantageous scheme, being put in place thereafter. The benefits of the current scheme will continue to be available until 1 July 2021 for those with patent applications filed before 1 July 2016. We can help advise on how you can take full advantage of this scheme. If you have inventions that you are thinking of patenting and are interested in using this scheme, then it may make commercial sense to file any patent applications before 1 July 2016 in order to take advantage of the current scheme.

Maintenance of Rights

We offer a complete service for renewals, maintenance fees, proof of working, address for service and numerous other necessary steps in maintaining granted rights.


We are proud of our cost-effective strategies for enforcement whilst avoiding litigation. Nevertheless, when litigation makes sense for your business, we have the experience and connections to make it successful.

Opposition and Invalidation

Your business should not be held back by invalid rights of your competitors. If necessary, we can have rights revoked by opposition, invalidation or other routes.

IP Management

Intellectual property portfolios can be complex and time consuming to manage. With our hands-on experience and industry-leading management systems, we can provide support at whatever level you choose, whether that is strategic advice or day-to-day running.

Transactions and Licences

If you acquire or dispose of your intellectual property, we can register the new interests with the relevant authorities. We can maximise your rights and eliminate your liabilities. We can help negotiate licences and permissions. The earlier you involve us, the more we can usually save you in cost.

Other Intellectual Property Rights

There are numerous other rights which may suit your business. These may include utility models, petty patents, plant variety rights, supplementary protection certificates, sui generis database rights or other unregistered rights. There are also common law remedies such as 'passing off' and a suite of more minor actions available. If you have an issue you would like to address, please contact us for a cost-free consultation.

Script IP provide us with a first class service supporting our in-house corporate team of patent lawyers.

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